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A successful and rewarding music career requires a lot more than just raw talent. It also requires proper planning, an unwavering commitment, continuous development, and a capable support team willing to go the distance. Rewards are hard fought, day in and day out, and there is no such thing as overnight success. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Marathon Music Group is an artist management agency headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas and dedicated to the long term growth and development of successful music careers. Our diverse roster of singers, songwriters, performers and producers features top talent from a variety of musical genres. Marathon’s artist development program combines day-to-day administration with customized support for content creation, digital strategy, booking, promotion, publicity, marketing, distribution, and more. We encourage independent artists to take an entrepreneurial approach toward budgeting and funding, and we provide our artists considerable guidance and support in these efforts.

Marathon Music Group. We move music. Forward.

Chuck Sweeney
Chuck Sweeney founded Marathon Music Group with a singular focus: to develop financially sustainable careers for talented artists. His experience in artist management has included support for the following artists: Rich O’Toole, Jody Booth, John Teague, Dusty Neuman, Gary Kyle, Wayne Garner Band, National Park Radio, The Buffalo Ruckus, The Drugstore Gypsies, Charlie & The Regrets, Spacebear, Briana Adams, Cody Wayne, Grand Old Grizzly, Jarrod Morris, Kelly Hafner, Set Em Up Joes, Zach Neil, and many others.

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