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Jody Booth’s DNA is made of music, literally. Born into a very long line of musical prodigies going back several generations, he was raised in the small, East Texas town of Livingston where he still resides today. Jody learned to play guitar from his mother at a very young age. Since then he has never been able to put it down. That’s apparent in both his live and recorded performances where his easy command of the six-string is striking.

Jody’s vocal and songwriting talents are also remarkable. Extremely proud to be called a Country artist, he has dedicated his career to creating what he calls real Country music. Although his influences include many great predecessors including George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and Dean Dillon, he likes to say that his greatest influences remain, “My Momma and Merle Haggard, God rest his soul.”

Jody has had notable success as a collaborative songwriter, too. His many collaborations include “I Love Being Lonesome,” written with John Slaughter, Alan Huff and Roger Creager, and recorded and released by Creager. The song went to #1 on the Texas Music Chart in September 2009. “Honky Tonk Heaven,” also a #1 hit for Jody, was written with Doug Forrest and Jason Cassidy, and released by Cassidy in 2011. A more recent #1 on the Texas charts, “Whiskey and Pride,” was written with Tim Nichols, Kyle Hutton and Cory Morrow and released by Morrow in 2018.

Jody’s most recent release is Volume One of a two-part studio album entitled The Rosewood Tapes. Volume Two is slated for release in early 2019. Most at home when he’s on the dance hall stage, his up tempo numbers like “Gold Digger,” “They Found Me In A Honky Tonk,” and “I Feel A Jones Coming On” are irresistible, Texas Two-Step favorites. “Carolina,” “Love As Hard As You Can,” and “Life of My Love” are soulful ballads that unmask a very tender and compassionate heart. Says Jody about his work, “I find inspiration all around me. I try to make my music representative of myself and my love for Country music.”

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