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True artists know that music, like horizons and imaginations, has no limits. Just ask Rich O’Toole, a country songwriter with a passion for arena-rock performances who burst onto the Texas music scene a little over a decade ago. O’Toole has since forged a solid regional touring career bringing his high-energy shows to an increasingly large and dedicated fan base. Now, after years of touring and with the release of seven albums, O’Toole is garnering some national attention.

New York, O’Toole’s latest album, is filled with stories pulled from O’Toole’s recent travels across the country, set to music that defies easy categorization. It’s as American as music can be, more universal than regional, and marks the peak of O’Toole’s achievement to date. Songs include “California,” which looks back on time spent in L.A. and asks, “Does the wine taste different in California? Do the stars shine a little too bright? Did you lose your faith in G od on Sunset and Vine?” From the track titled “New York City,” O’Toole reflects on his time in the Big Apple: “late nights, city sounds, back-alley bars” and “high-class women on eastbound trains.” The song “American Steel,” penned by O’Toole’s college friend Mike Ethan Messick, is wildly exhilarating. It’s an 18-wheeler thrill ride “through the Dust Bowls and the ghost towns” of the USA. “I know I’m gonna reach this place I’m going because I’m rolling American steel.”

At age 37, O’Toole has compiled 23 top ten songs and three #1’s on the Texas Music Chart, over 125,000 albums sold, and over 15,000,000 Spotify steams over a thirteen-year career. “My songs are true stories about my life. I can’t just write about what might happen tomorrow,” he insists. “More than anything, I want to do as Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and Steve Earle have done: create great American songwriter rock.” We think you’ll agree Rich O’Toole continues to deliver, on record and in his live performances.

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