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The Teague Brothers Band is an Americana artist founded by front man John Teague from Winnie, TX. John’s roots, buried deep in the rich and fertile soil of southeast Texas, are effortlessly expressed throughout his songwriting. John grooves to a beat that seamlessly blends the country and rock influences that shape the infectious Teague sound: traditional instrumentation using acoustic guitars, mandolins, fiddles, and harmonicas combined with dramatic electric guitars, soaring vocal harmonies, and a driving rock back beat. John’s heartfelt lyrics are both nostalgic and inspiring, drawing you in closer and more personal with each engagement.

John comes from humble beginnings. Raised by a family of farmers, saddle makers, construction workers, military veterans, and musicians. His parents and grandparents taught John the value of hard work and the reward that comes from personal accomplishment. They raised a craftsman, seasoned with a rural upbringing, who approaches everything he does, particularly his music, with appropriate degrees of diligence and pride.

John inherited his musical talents from both parents, successful musicians in their own rights, with industry experience both in and out of Nashville. For John, music is as much a legacy as it is a gift. At just 10 years of age, John realized music would remain the cornerstone of his life. Now, over a decade later, and after wandering musically across various genres as far-reaching as jazz, metal, screamo and folk, he’s returned home to find his rightful place at the Americana table. John Teague invites you to have a listen and to share in the feast.

John feels fortunate to have shared the stage with many great Red Dirt artists he admires including American Aquarium, Turnpike Troubadours, Wade Bowen, Whiskey Myers, Kevin Fowler, Dirty River Boys, Uncle Lucius, and others. He’ll be coming to a local venue, music festival, county fair, or humble camp fire near you soon. Come join in the song!

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